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Climb with confidence

With the trusted StairClimber that performs for you and empowers your exercisers

The one you can trust

Precision components and rigorous testing ensure dependability for the long haul.

Best ownership experience

Exceeds industry standards with innovative features, minimal maintenance and ease of service.

Fits and performs for all

Encourages exercisers to step with confidence while engaging them with effective workouts and media.

Precor StairClimber

We’ve redefined the exerciser experience by seamlessly blending innovation and comfort, ensuring a gratifying workout that not only challenges but also inspires exercisers to achieve their goals.

We think of the “not-so-small” stuff

Decrease downtime as dropped items won’t get trapped thanks to our unique Lost Item Slide design.

Built to stand the test of time

It’s not just the durable, high-performance components that make our StairClimber so dependable. It’s also the 30 different tests and 10,000+ hours of lab and field testing.

Easy to service

To decrease downtime, service panels can be removed in under one minute and equipment is virtually maintenance free.

StairClimber specs

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