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Cable Multi-Stations


Meet the Precor Resolute™ Multi-Stations

Flexible options

Modularity to meet your needs on Day 1 and on Day 3651

Modern design

Anchor your facility with an eye-catching contemporary design

Modular stations

Five cable-based stations give exercisers total body training options

Re-imagined strength

Thoughtful storage clears the clutter with dedicated solutions


A selection of exercise stations allows you to configure RMS for your facility now and in the future. When the time comes to update your facility, simply add a tower or move a station to fit.

Design a custom Resolute Multi-Station that fits your facility.

Step 1

Select frame and upholstery colours that perfectly fit the look and feel of your facility.

Step 2

Pick and choose from 5 cable-based exercise stations, 2 storage options, and a blank shroud option.

Step 3

Preview your custom configuration drawing and contact Precor Sales for more information.

With a flip of a switch, an integrated 2-kg add-on weight is in action, allowing more flexibility for the exerciser

A dedicated spot to position a phone securely for optimal viewing of fitness apps while training

Illustrated instructions and QR codes provide guidance and insights for exercisers

Five months of nonstop heavy lifting done by our quality test robots at each station

Swivel pulleys prevent cables from getting damaged

Modern design with features that attract first-timers and seasoned lifters alike

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